Magic Transformations


Please note: all sessions will be remote only until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

It’s time to tidy!

Magic Transformations is all about the power of organising and tidying your home. Whether you need help with clearing your house, your bathroom, your wardrobe, or your bookcase, I can advise and guide you on what to keep, how to arrange, and how to reduce clutter.

A non-judgemental space

It can be too much to find the energy to tidy with our busy day-to-day lives. Sometimes all we need to do is to ask for help. Together we will get your space decluttered and organised, bringing control back into your life.

Free consultation

We will sit down and discuss your needs and what you would like to achieve. Consultation can last up to an hour, where I can examine your space and evaluate on how we can move forward.

How does it work?


Contact me

Email, call, or message me about what you need help tidying or any questions you have. Then we can set up a free consultation.


Free Consultation

I will show up to your door or give you a call at our agreed upon time. Then I can look around, make notes, and evaluate how many sessions we will need to tidy.


The Job

Time for me to start tidying! By seeing what works best, I will help you decide which belongings you would like to keep, the arrangement of the space and anything extra that will need to be done.



Congratulations! Now the magic transformation is complete. Along the way you will have learnt some new valuable skills to keep your space tidy and organised, but I am always here if you need an extra pair of hands or a refresher.

What others have said…

“Sharon came and we discussed what was needed to be done and with her amazing help transformed the room back to a proper functioning utility room.”

– Kim

“Sharon has really helped me. I feel much more in control.”

– Liam

My mission is to help you tidy, organise and declutter, to bring happiness and magic back into your living space.

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