My Story

In 2019 things were so different. I was spending a lot of time in bed, overwhelmed with life and generally feeling out of control of everything. I was recovering from moderate depression and anxiety, and I was quite frankly: a mess.

It was in the darkness of drawn curtains that I managed to tap the Netflix app on my phone and watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo for the first time. And slowly I found my way back. The simplicity of working through each category mixed with the positive vibes made me realise that maybe I could get out of bed. I could face the disaster of my flat.

It took me some time, but I managed. I planned out the categories, threw everything on my bed, and donated dozens of bags to charity. I realised that I couldn’t control my illness, but I did have authority over my living space. With a tidy home, I felt comfortable and relaxed in every room. I was able to set aside more time to work on my Masters dissertation and schedule each day. My mood, and productivity, began to improve.

Later, after eight months of working in an office, and six more months of recovery, I realised I was unhappy – not because of my illness, but because I wasn’t doing what I wanted with my life. I’d always thought that after university I would get hired by someone else. However, after dissatisfaction with the job market, a friend prompted me to return to an idea I’d had five years ago when sorting my Magic: The Gathering card collection – I love organising, so why not start doing it professionally? I want to help people, and this is a great way to use my passion and skills. After experiencing so much negativity with my mental health, I can see how much value there is in helping others who struggle with theirs too. Tidying and decluttering did so much for me, maybe it can do something for you too. If you have barriers preventing you from taking back control of your space, like time, motivation, mobility, or anxiety, I’m eager to help!

Published by Sharon Fuller

Professional Organiser and Declutterer

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